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Today, I’m excited to talk about a significant change at the Squirrly Company, a shift that reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement. We are moving from Squirrly to This change isn’t just about a new name; it’s about refining our focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can make marketing smarter and easier for everyone.

What’s Changing?

While the name Squirrly has served us well, the new name, AISQ, represents a clearer focus on AI and its integration into our marketing tools. Our goal is to make these tools smarter and more helpful for you. But don’t worry, all the Squirrly products you rely on like Squirrly SEO and Squirrly Social are still here. They’re just getting better.


AI is all about making machines think and learn like humans. By focusing on AI, AISQ aims to give you marketing tools that do more of the thinking for you. This means less guessing and more doing. Whether it’s figuring out the best SEO strategies or finding the right content for your social media, AISQ tools are designed to offer smart suggestions based on solid data.

What This Means for You

If you’ve been using our products, you might wonder what this change means for your daily work. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Simpler Processes: Our tools will become even more user-friendly, helping you get your work done faster and with better results.
  • Smarter Tools: With more AI integration, the tools you use will improve how they analyze data and make suggestions, giving you a competitive edge in your marketing efforts.
  • Continued Support: Our commitment to supporting you remains unchanged. We’re here to help you adapt to these new tools and take full advantage of them.

Looking Forward

AISQ is more than a new name. It’s our promise to keep pushing the limits of what our tools can do for you. We’re excited to see how these advancements will help you meet your marketing goals with greater ease and effectiveness.

Today, I want to talk about the evolution of AI at Squirrly and how AISQ is going to be a central part of helping you bring AI into your business effectively.

The Growth of AI at Squirrly

Since 2010, Squirrly has been at the forefront of integrating AI into marketing solutions. Our focus has always been on making tools that are smart and efficient, so businesses like yours can stay ahead without needing to be experts in the latest technology.

2010: The Beginning

It all started when Florin Muresan, my co-founder, was working on natural language processing algorithms. Even then, we knew AI was going to be big. We started with the idea of making web interactions smarter, which led us to envision the next level of web capabilities, driven by AI.

2020: AI SEO Consultant

This was a big year for us. We launched the first AI SEO consultant to help businesses improve their search engine optimization without needing a human consultant. This tool was designed to give personalized advice, which was a major step forward in automated marketing.

2021: Expanding AI Features

By now, our AI was not only advising on SEO but also helping social media managers. Squirrly Social received an upgrade with AI capabilities that could automatically find, schedule, and post content. This was about reducing the daily grind, letting creators and marketers focus on bigger strategies.

2023: Marketing on Autopilot

Next, we introduced complete end-to-end digital marketing campaigns. Imagine having AI not only suggest a strategy but also implement it across all channels—market research, creation, website publishing, social media, emails, search engines, you name it. That’s what we started doing.

2024: AI Education

Now we’re entering an exciting phase—education. We’re launching courses on AI skills to help businesses upskill and reskill. With AI becoming an integral part of business, understanding how to use it is going to set companies apart.

AISQ: Your New Home for AI Learning

AISQ is where all this comes together. Whether you’re looking to understand AI better or need tools that integrate AI into your marketing seamlessly, AISQ is designed to help. Here, you’ll find:

  • AI Tools: Access to all our AI-driven tools that make complex tasks simple.
  • Education: Courses and resources that help you understand and apply AI in your business.
  • Community: Connect with other business owners and marketers who are using AI to change how they work.

At AISQ, we’re committed to making AI accessible and useful for everyone—from startups to established businesses. We believe that AI shouldn’t just be about technology; it should be about making your work easier and your strategies more effective.

If you’re ready to start using AI to improve your business, AISQ is ready to help. Join us, and let’s make the future of marketing smarter together.